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3 Reasons To Join FiTR As A Personal Trainer

Updated: Jul 20, 2022

Becoming a FiTR coach

When you first signed up to be a Personal Trainer, I’m sure one of the main drivers was becoming your own boss and working to suit your own hours.?

However, working in a typical gym environment, it becomes apparent that this isn’t the case. Even when you’re self-employed, you might still have the gym manager breathing down your neck. You could be teaching classes that don’t suit your timetable and work at unsociable times to fit in with your clients.

And that’s not even mentioning the negative impact it has on clients. In a commercial gym, your clients are forced to pay a membership fee on top of personal training, making them less inclined to sign up for a higher-priced session. They may be disappointed when you’re having to adjust the programme because the equipment isn’t free during busy periods in the gym and they aren’t getting the full benefits of your programming.

Clients may also be less inclined to sign up with you when they have the added travel time of getting to the gym because no one likes getting stuck in traffic.

What is FiTR?

We’ve found a solution to all of the above problems, making personal training a better experience for both you and your client. FiTR is a health and fitness platform that connects Personal Trainers to clients based on availability, location and goals.

As a trainer, you can provide 1-2-1 or small group training to your clients using our platform, simply give us your availability and clients will be able to book sessions. You can train them from the comfort of their home, outdoors, or online using live video streaming.

Why you should become FiTR coach

  • Be your own boss

The main reason you chose to be self-employed was that you aspired for more freedom and the opportunity to build a business around your life. And we couldn’t agree more. When you become a coach with FiTR you have the flexibility to choose your own schedule and the clients you train.

  • No rental feels

One of the biggest assumptions people make about being a Personal Trainer is that you make a lot of money. Of course, there is money to be made, but more often than not, people don’t factor in the costs that come with personal training. Paying for a website, equipment, promotion and the biggest cost of all, gym rent. Most trainers are paying over £5000 a year on gym rent, not with us.

  • Continued professional development

We know that being a self-employed Personal Trainer can be lonely sometimes, especially if you don’t have a support network around you. At FiTR we aim to create a community where Trainers can connect with each other, offer advice and feel like part of a team.

Another important factor is how you grow your business through education. We have partnered with some of the industry’s leading training providers to offer heavily subsidised and in some cases, free CPD courses. You’ll never stop growing when you become part of the FiTR community.

A day in the life of a FiTR Trainer

Want to know what it’s like being a FiTR coach?

Well first off, it all comes down to you. As a FiTR coach, you’ll be in charge of the hours you choose to work and where you work, so the question really is, what does your perfect day look like? That’s a day in the lift of a FiTR coach.

No two days are the same. One day you might be back to back, travelling to clients’ houses and local parks to train people, and other days you might take a step back from training to work on the other elements of your business. The number of sessions you choose to do per week is entirely up to you.

If you know you are unable to travel somedays, you can opt to do video personal training, meaning you can still train clients, whilst having the privilege of doing it from home. No matter what, there’s a way for you to access and train your clients at a time and place that suits you.

Are you eligible?

Ready to get onboard? Of course, we’d love to have you! Just before you apply, make sure you meet the requirements to be part of the FiTR community:

  • Have a passion for helping people improve their health and fitness

  • Be eligible to work in the UK

  • Be self-employed

  • Have a minimum Level 3 qualification in Personal Training

  • Hold the relevant insurance

  • Hold a DBS

  • Be able to travel to sessions in a predetermined geographical region

  • Have a smartphone, Android or iPhone

If you tick all of the boxes then we can’t wait for you to join the FiTR community. Apply now by emailing


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